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Episode 3 Worksheet – This worksheet will help you to identify your current values so you can begin to live your life from them.

Value Determination Process – Get access to the most scientifically and spiritually robust value determination process created by Dr DeMartini.

Key Points from Episode

    1. One of the most defining moments of life is the day you realize that you’re in a situation that absolutely violates your values.
    2. Work life balance is a bunch of bull. It creates self-inflicted torture because you’re constantly trying to have enough of everything and it’s simply impossible to achieve.
    3. Living a life driven by values allows you to have anything you want without having to worry about feeling bad when you say no.

I don’t believe in the pursuit of everything. I believe in the pursuit of anything. That’s why I want to offer you the idea of alignment over balance. #Femmefluence

Jennifer Kem
Founder, Femmefluence

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Host: Jennifer Kem
Writing: Jennifer Kem